Spotlight Award

Every film needs more fans. We want to shine a great big light on films that need to have big audiences and filmmakers from whom we can’t wait to see more. Our Spotlight Award celebrates what’s coming and what’s already here. These films may soon be headed to theatres or DVD or iTunes and Netflix. Whatever their path, you need to seek them out. Previous winners in this category include Jessica Oreck’s Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo (2010), Andrei Ujica’s The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu (2011), Tatiana Huezo Sánchez’ The Tiniest Place (2012), Wojciech Staron’s The Argentinian Lesson (2013) and Cristian Soto and Catalina Vergara for The Last Station (2014).


Nominated for Spotlight Award

Decades before the world ever knew the names Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, there was The Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI. During the height of the Vietnam War, eight citizens plotted to covertly enter their local FBI office in...

An Honest Liar

Nominated for Spotlight Award

James “The Amazing” Randi is an 85-year-old magician and escape artist who’s been enchanted with illusions from a young age. Dedicating his life to learning the tricks of the trade, Randi became a sensation who toured the world, always honest...

Evaporating Borders

Nominated for Spotlight Award

“Evaporating Borders” is a visual essay in five parts guided by filmmaker’s curious eye and personal reflections. Through the people she encounters along the way, the film dissects the experience of asylum seekers in Cyprus : A PLO activist and...

Living Stars

Nominated for Spotlight Award

Across Argentina, people young and old are dancing to their favourite hits. Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat’s stylish documentary peers into the private lives of a diverse cross-section of Argentines through their dancing. Presented in a series of static long...

My Name is Salt

Nominated for Spotlight Award

Year after year, thousands of families move to a barren desert in India. They work for eight months straight to produce the “whitest salt in the world”, until monsoon season is upon them. My Name is Salt patiently observes the...

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